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Krishna District-Area Municipality Contact Numbers-Andhra Pradesh

Krishna District-Area Municipality Contact Numbers-Andhra Pradesh
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The municipal bodies of India are vested with a long list of functions delegated to them by the state governments under the municipal legislation. These functions broadly relate to public health, welfare, regulatory functions, public safety, public infrastructure works, and development activities.

  • Public health includes Water supply, Sewerage and Sanitation, eradication of communicable diseases etc.;
  • welfare includes public facilities such as Education, recreation, etc.;
  • regulatory functions related to prescribing and enforcing Building regulations, encroachments on public land, Birth registration and Death certificate, etc.;
  • public safety includes Fire protection, Street lighting, etc.;
  • public works measures such as construction and maintenance of inner city roads, etc.; and
  • development functions related to Town planning and development of commercial markets.

In addition to the legally assigned functions, the sectoral departments of the state government often assign unilaterally, and on an agency basis, various functions such as Family planning, Nutrition and slum improvement, disease and Epidemic control, etc.

Krishna District/Area Wise Municipality Contact Numbers – Andhra Pradesh

Municipality / Area STD Office Fax Mobile E-Mail
Machilipatnam 08672 223517 222856 226575 (P) 9849905820 mtmmmc@rediffmail.com
Gudivada 08674 245053 243138 9849905821 apusp8@rediffmail.com
Jaggaiahpeta 08654 222042 222042 223567 (P) 9849905823 jghpet_06032@yahoo.co.in
Nuzivid 08656 232553 232553 9849905822 nuzvid_06031@yahoo.co.in
Pedana 08672 248340 248639 9849905824 mc.pedana@cdma.gov.in
Tiruvuru 08673 252038 81437107329618532105 nagarpanchayat.tvr@gmail.com
Uyyuru 9701361354 comm.vuyyurumpty@gmail.com
Nandigama 08668 275246 94914968568008108071 nd_np@yahoo.com

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