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Actress Ranjitha As Sanyasini


Actress Ranjitha As Sanyasini
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Tamil actress Ranjitha (38) who was in news with Swami Nithyananda SEX SCANDAL took vows to become a hermitess (Sanyasini) at Nityananda ashram, during a programme to celebrate the birthday of Swamy Nityananda.

She took oath to follow the five strict guidelines prescribed for Sanyasinis and declared her rest of life will be spent like a disciple of godman.

actress Ranjitha changed her name to ‘Ma Anandamayi’ and asked everyone to call her by name Ma Anandamayi and not to call her with her original name(Ranjitha) anymore.

Ranjitha was disciple of Swamy Nityananda for the last four years and was in the news for her alleged involvement in the sex video involving her and Swamy Nityananda. In 2010, Nityananda was found involved in a sex scandal after a news channel released footage showing him in a compromising position with Ranjitha

It was learnt that Ranjitha will be assigned the responsibility of a foreign branch of the ashram.She will have to spend the remaining part of her life at the ashram wearing saffron robes.

Actress Ranjitha turns into a Sanyasini Video