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Actress Slaps Director In Audio Function

Actress Slaps Director In Audio Function
Actress Slaps Mumbai Can Dance director Sachindra Sharma, Rakhi Sawant friend slaps director, Actress Slaps Director At Music Launch, Actress slaps director on stage

Actress (name not revealed), friend of actress Rakhi Sawant slapped Mumbai Can Dance Saala director Sachindra Sharma in public at the film’s music launch event.

The actress has alleged that the director Sachindra Sharma offered her a role on condition of what is popularly known as the ‘casting couch,’ and then failing to actually cast her.

The film Mumbai Can Dance Saala stars Rakhi Sawant in the lead role. The slapping visuals were caught on tape which are going viral.

Rakhi supported her friend and told the media that her friend is right and Both of them later filed a case against the director in Santacruz police station.

meanwhile the director’s wife also filed a complaint against Manisha accusing her for false claims.