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Agni Poolu Telugu Serial Online

Gemini TV Serial - Agni Poolu
Agni Poolu Telugu Serial Online
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Agni Poolu is a story of four friends – Rajyalakshmi, Mythili, Sonia and Neelaveni. The genesis of the story is the overtaking of human relationships by attitudes and personalities formed in due course of life, which break the fragile bonding and emotional attachments in life. The story starts showcasing the deep bond, an uncorrupted friendship among these four young women, fresh out of college and searching for the paths to lead them to their goals. But fate has something else in store for them. One ends up as a politician, one a human rights activist, one a film heroine/ model and the last one ends up as a writer. In the process of proving themselves, when success becomes addictive, they do not hesitate to manipulate and use one another. Dearest friends burn bridges but come together again, realizing that there is no success than deep human bonding.

Gemini TV Serial – Agni Poolu daily serial video