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Andhra Pradesh Tops in Murders Related to Extra Marital Affairs

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Andhra Pradesh tops in Murders Related to Extra Marital Affairs
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Extra marital affairs have been spilling blood in the city recently. Two days ago, a woman software engineer and her paramour were arrested for killing her husband at Hayathnagar.

As per NCRB data, the state tops in the number of murders committed over extra marital affairs and love affairs.

The city also witnessed many murder cases and assault cases due to sexual relationships. The motive behind 445 murders reported in the state last year was revenge due to sexual and love affairs.
Sixteen per cent of the murder cases in AP are due to sexual reasons, says NCRB data.

In the recent murder of Venkateshwar Rao, a diesel mechanic at the RTC depot, his techie wife Sowjanya, 24, and her lover and his colleague Jaideep Deshi, 26, decided to kill the victim so that they can live happily as partners.

The shocking fact was that the well planned murder occurred just a few weeks after Sowjanya’s and Venkateswar Rao’s marriage.

The police found out that Sowjanya was married against her will, and that she continued her relationship with Jaideep even after the marriage.

According to police officials, a majority of the murders that occur in the city are committed by either the husband or the wife to remove their married partner and join lovers.

“In other cases, revenge is the main factor. The wife or the husband finds out the extramarital sexual affairs of their partners and takes revenge on his or her partner by killing them,” said Falaknuma ACP Tahir Ali.

The city witnessed around five murders this year, where women were killed by their husbands after their fidelity was suspected.

“In such cases the murder happens out of doubt and suspicions of the partner. In some cases the murdered partner was never involved in extramarital affairs, and was loyal to the murderer. We have come across a few cases like that, where murderers later realised that they had committed the murder just because of baseless doubts,” said a police officer from the city’s South Zone.