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Anushka Shetty To Marry Her Lover

Telugu Actress Anushka

Anushka Shetty To Marry Her Lover
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Tollywood Hot and romantic actress Anushka Shetty decided to marry her love in near time, In an interview to a TV channel, Anushka, admitted that she was actually dating someone. Declining to reveal the name, Anushka said, “If I tell his name, then it will raise many eyebrows. But, at this point of time, I can only say that am seriously seeing a guy and he loves me very much.”

Anushka Shetty former yoga teacher was introduced to telugu film industry by Akinenni Nagarjuna in the movie Super, from there she raised to top position by her glamorous look and hard work.

Anushka said she was ready to marry in the next two years as she needed sometime to complete her projects, at one time Anushka said rumours on her with heros from Nagarjuna to Gopichand, Allu Arjun to Ravi Teja and naga chaitanya. Hearing to those meaningless rumors Anushka Shetty said, “Firstly, I used to worry when media linked me with my co-stars. Now, I find the situation too funny to react”.