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College Girl Steals Gold To Buy Cellphone

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College Girl Steals Gold To Buy Cellphone
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A college student, Dhanashree Chipkar (20), was arrested on Sunday for stealing gold worth Rs 4.5 lakh from the Dahisar apartment of an acquaintance.

The accused told the police she wanted the money to buy an expensive smartphone.

“Chipkar was at the home of the complainant, Falguni Trivedi (46), on September 27, when she found a cupboard, containing the ornaments, lying open. She asked Trivedi for water. As Trivedi left to get her water, Chipkar stole the valuables,” a senior inspector said.

After Chipkar left, Trivedi went about her work. She was horrified when she couldn’t find her ornaments in the cupboard locker the next day. As nobody else had entered the house except Chipkar, Trivedi suspected her involvement in the theft, following which she registered an FIR with the Dahisar police on September 28.

The cops arrested Chipkar on charges of theft on Sunday and recovered ornaments worth Rs 3.44 lakh. “Chipkar was tempted when she saw Trivedi’s cupboard lying open. She doesn’t have a crime record,” said an official. On learning why Chipkar stole her ornaments, Trivedi told the police that she wished Chipkar had been honest with her instead. She added that she would have bought a cellphone for Chipkar and would have prevented her from committing a crime, had she known the facts.