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Effects Of Birthmarks-Moles-Puttumachalu On Body In Astrology



Effects Of Birthmarks-Moles-Puttumachalu On Body In Astrology
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Fortune telling-Predictions based on moles or interpretation of bodily marks is know as Puttumachala sastram in telugu, According to mole astrology moles on our body has great effect and influence in our real life. Depending on the Birthmarks-Moles-Puttumachalu in various locations on the body the results will be shown

Effects of Birthmarks-Moles-Puttu Machchalu, marks, spots, and signs found on the body:

Birthmarks on Right Ring Finger Indicates Love marriage

Moles on Index finger of right hand Indicates Fate ( Bad luck )

Puttumacha on Index finger of left hand Indicates Luck

Birthmark on little finger Indicates Genius

Mole on palm Indicates love marriage

Puttumachalu on nose Indicates Problem with husband / Wife

Birthmarks on Right Cheek Indicates Beautiful Wife

Moles on Thumb Indicates Success in life

Puttumacha on Ring Fingers Indicates Highly creative

Birthmark on elbow Indicates Money from parents

Mole on thigh Indicates Very Rich

Puttumachalu on Knees Indicates Money from Wife after marriage

Birthmarks on Neck Indicates Life Danger

Moles on center of the spinal cord Indicates Road Accident

Puttumacha on Feet Indicates More Dare

Birthmark on Tongue Indicates Fate saying ability

Mole on Stomach Indicates Will have a great Future

Puttumachalu on Left Cheek Indicates Two Marriages or None

Birthmarks on Under feet Indicates Ability of changing their fate.

Moles on Lips Indicates Girls easily get attracted towards them

Puttumacha on chest Indicates Has good communication skills

Birthmark on under fourth toe of right leg Indicates May be courageous

Mole on right eyelids Indicates Become rich, feels that he is great.

Puttumachalu on right and left ear Indicates that will have luxurious life.

Birthmarks on right side of the nose Indicates Earns huge income with less effort

Moles on Chin Indicates will receive great respects from others.

Puttumacha on shoulders Indicates will not leave until win.

Birthmark on armpit Indicates Love ladies (for boys)

Mole on stomach Indicates Weakness of ladies, or feel nervous to talk with them

Puttumachalu on Jupiter finger of right hand Indicates person do not listen others word

Birthmarks on Middle finger of Right Hand Indicates person is self confident and can do things easily

Moles on both the fingers and if they lie at same distance Indicates person is future teller and lie becomes True

Information provided here is for educational purposes only. please contact your near spiritualist or temple pujari to get clear details.