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Health Benefits Of Amaranth greens-Thotakura

Health Benefits Of Amaranth greens-Thotakura
Health Benefits Of Amaranth greens-Thotakura
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Amaranth greens are also called Chinese spinach. Amaranthus is collectively known as amaranth or pigweed. This is a cosmopolitan genus of herbs. Although several species are often considered weeds, people around the world value amaranths as leafy vegetables, cereals and ornamentals. The word is derived from the Greek ‘Amarantos’ – which means –“the one that does not wither” or the never-fading flower.

The Amaranth greens-Thotakura is known by many other names in India regional wise like –
Amaranth greens called in Hindi : Chaurai
Amaranth greens called in Kannada : dhantinasoppu
Amaranth greens called in Malayalam : cheera
Amaranth greens called in Marathi : Rajgira
Amaranth greens called in Tamil : Arai keerai, Mulai keerai
Amaranth greens called in Telugu : Thotakura

Nutritional value Of Amaranth greens-Thotakura:
Amaranth greens-Thotakura contain Dietary fiber, protein, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin K, calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, folate, riboflavin and potassium.

The nutritional values per 100 g of Amaranth greens-Thotakura are:

Energy – 716 Kcal
Carbohydrates – 127 g
Protein – 26.2 g
Total Fat – 13.5 g
Cholesterol – 0 mg
Dietary Fiber – 12.9 g

Vitamin A – 3.9IU
Vitamin C – 8.1mg
Vitamin D –
Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol) – 2.3mg
Vitamin K – 0.0mcg
Thiamin – 0.2mg
Riboflavin – 0.4mg
Niacin – 1.8mg
Vitamin B6 – 1.1mg
Folate – 158mcg
Vitamin B12 – 0.0mcg
Pantothenic Acid – 2.8mg
Choline – 135mg
Betaine – 130mg

Sodium – 7.7 mg
Potassium – 980 mg

Calcium – 307mg
Iron – 14.7mg
Magnesium – 479mg
Phosphorus – 1075mg
Zinc – 5.5mg
Copper – 1.0mg
Manganese – 6.4mg
Selenium – 36.1mcg
Fluoride –

Health Benefits Of Amaranth greens-Thotakura
Amaranth possess dietary fiber, which helps in enhancing digestion. The fiber present in amaranth not only quickens digestion, but it also lowers cholesterol levels.

The grain of amaranth is excellent in the pursuit of weight loss. Its high-protein content with the complex carbohydrate structure makes it a favored food for weight loss. This protein is not accompanied with fat or cholesterol. The high fiber in amaranth also keeps you full longer.

The oils in amaranth have been shown to help prevent and treat those with hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Regular consumption of amaranth can reduce cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure.

Amaranth has been noted to help boost the body’s immune system.

Amaranth is also a very popular grain with people who suffer from diabetes. The high-fiber content of the food makes it a low GI or glycemic index food, and a food suited to people who eat a balanced diet to control their glucose levels. This grain makes for a healthy, high energy breakfast for diabetics.

The leaves of amaranth make great home remedies to stop hair problems. A paste of these leaves can prevent premature graying and even hair loss. The juice of fresh amaranth leaves maintains the hair texture and adds a gloss, making your hair soft and manageable and helps in hair-loss treatment.

Amaranth leaves are also a wonderful astringent, and make a great wash for skin problems like eczema, and a wonderful acne remedy. Amaranth also makes an effective mouthwash for treating mouth sores, swollen gums, and sore throat.