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Health Benefits Of Saddi Annam-Chaddi Annam



Health Benefits Of Saddi Annam-Chaddi Annam
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Saddi Annam or Fermented Rice is taken as breakfast by farmers in olden days but now a days we are throwing away the remained food without knowing its benefits. There are various health benefits of eating Overnight Rice or Saddi Annam. Chaddi Annam contain up to 60 percent fewer calories than that of freshly cooked.

Overnight Rice and afternoon cooked rice can also be considered as Saddi Annam but dont keep afternoon cooked rice till next day.

Various Health Benefits Of Saddi Annam-Chaddi Annam
Eating soaked rice or Chaddi Annam as a breakfast in morning keeps your body light.

Saddi Annam keeps you fully energetic all the day and you feel less tired.

Overnight Cooked Rice keeps your stomach ailments away.

Are you are suffering with excessive body heat, then this is the best food to keep your body cool.

Chaddi Annam controlls Blood pressure and hypertension.

Fermented Rice cures all types of ulcers.

Saddi Annam keeps you young with glowing skin.

Overnight Rice is richest source of vitamin B12 which is very important to your body.

Saddi Annam contains 20 times higher iron, potassium, calcium, vitamins.

soaked rice promotes immunity.

Saddi Annam increases good bacteria which is important to your body.

How to prepare or Store Fermented Rice:
Cook rice as normal and let it cool down normally then soak this fully in water and store in an earthen clay pot and keep it all night, next day in the early morning drain the excess water mix with yogurt and eat it as breakfast… dont forget to add mirchi and onion… yummy is it.

Important Note :
1> Don’t forget, reheating rice can lead to food poisoning.
2> eat Overnight Cooked Rice in the early morning only, if you eat that lately may lead to food poisoning

Information provided here is for educational purposes only. For specific advice consult your dietitian or your elders.