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Himalaya Herbal Oral Care-Complete Care Toothpaste

Himalaya Herbal Oral Care-Complete Care Toothpaste

Himalaya Herbal Oral Care-Complete Care Toothpaste
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Complete Oral Care with Antioxidants

Himalaya’s Complete Care toothpaste, with its rare selection of herbal ingredients, has been specially developed to make teeth and gums strong. Toothache Tree, found in the valley of the subtropical Himalayas, is excellent for bleeding gums.

This lemony scented tree has been used in home remedies around the world to relieve toothaches. Neem and Pomegranate in Complete Care toothpaste fight germs and give your teeth all-day protection.

The New Himalaya complete care toothpaste not only protects from germs ,but also has antioxidants that help remove the toxins left behind, helping your gums maintain their natural health.


  1. Bishop’s Weed a revered herb in Ayurveda, is used as a home-remedy for various ailments. It has mouth-freshening, antiseptic, astringent and carminative properties.
  2. Neem twigs have been used for hundreds of years as an extremely effective method of total oral hygiene. Its extracts are very effective in destroying cavity-causing bacteria, enhancing mouth immunity and preventing tartar and plaque build-up. Neem has antiseptic and antifungal properties.
  3. Barks of Toothache Tree have been chewed in North America for centuries to relieve toothaches. Extracts of this tree are also beneficial for the treatment bleeding gums and sensitive teeth.
  4. Pomegranatehas astringent and antibacterial properties. Recent studies have shown that Pomegranate also helps to combat dental plaque.
  5. Indian Gum Arabic Tree’sfresh twigs are used to protect gums and teeth. The aqueous extract of the fresh nuts of this tree were found to inhibit the growth of germs in the oral cavity. The extract is useful as an external application for mouth ulcers. The Indian Gum Arabic Tree also reduces gingival inflammation occurring as a result of plaque removal.
  6. Triphala is an astringent which stops gum bleeding. It also helps in healing mouth ulcers.
  7. Five-Leaved Chaste Tree is valued for its oral anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antihistamine properties.
  8. False Black Pepperhas anti-inflammatory properties, which are effective in treating swollen gums.

Squeeze a small amount on a toothbrush and brush teeth. Brush twice daily for optimal results.

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