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How To Make-Prepare Ugadi Pachadi

Ugadi Pachadi-Ugadi Chutney

Ugadi Pachadi-Ugadi Chutney

How To Make-Prepare Ugadi Pachadi
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Ugadi Pachadi is a special dish that is prepared by Telugu speaking people, ie. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Ugadi Pachadi is a combination of 6 tastes and each taste represents the experiences of a person in life. It is a mixture of good, bad, happy, sorrow etc.

Ugadi Pachadi 6 tastes are:

Sweet (teepi) : Jaggery(Bellam), can also use honey or sugar

Sour (pulupu) : Tamarind (chinta pandu), can also use lemon juice

Bitter (chedu) : Neem Flowers or neem buds (Vepa puvvu, margosa), can also use menthi seeds

Spicy (karam) : Chilli Powder or Green Mirchi (pacchi mirapakaya), can also use Pepper

Salty (Uppu) : Salt

Tangy : Raw Mango

Ugadi Pachadi 6 tastes and their representation:

Sadness – Bitter (chedu)

Happiness – Sweet (teepi)

Anger – Spicy (karam)

Fear – Salty (Uppu)

Disgust – Sour (pulupu)

Surprise – Tangy

Process To Make Ugadi Pachadi

Ingredients Requires To Make Ugadi Pachadi :

Neem flowers(vepa puvvu) : 2 tea spoons

Grated Raw mango : 2 Table spoons

Tamarind : A small lemon size ball.

Green chillies : ½ tea spoon (finely chopped)

Salt : quarter tea spoon

Jaggery (Bellam) : ½ Cup (powdered)

Banana (Ripe) : 1 No.(chopped to small pieces)

Soak tamarind in water for 15 to 20 min and make pulp. pulp water should be thin not thick, you can add water to pulp water too.

Add some jaggery mix it well so that it dissolves completely now filter out that water into a new bowl to filter out impurities .

Then add neem flower petals

Then add green chillies you can use chopped pieces or mashed(grinded),

Then add salt and mango pieces

Then add Chopped banana

Mix them well and serve it