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HP LPG Gas Cylinder Refill Booking through 24×7 IVRS-Mobile-Phone

HP LPG Gas Cylinder Refill Booking through 24×7 IVRS-Mobile-Phone
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HP LPG Gas Cylinder 24×7 IVRS-Mobile-Phone booking:
Now a days booking HP Gas Cylinder through 24×7 IVRS-Mobile-Phone is more comfort than going to the agency and book.

Below is the process of booking HP Gas Cylinder Refill through 24×7 IVRS-Mobile-Phone
HP Anytime, a 24×7 IVRS based refill booking system, is a customer-centric initiative launched by HPCL in the interest of all HP GAS customers. Through this system, a HP GAS customer can call a Single Number across the State to book refills. The Customer would instantly get a real time booking number from IVRS. This system replaces the current practice of manual booking by the showroom staff.

All the refill bookings made through HP Anytime are captured in a central server and the data is then transferred to the PC’s of respective HPGAS distributors automatically. For those customers who prefer to book personally at the HPGAS distributorship, fixed phones are provided at all Agencies to connect with IVRS.

HP Anytime enables HP GAS customers to book refills and obtain confirmation round-the -clock seamlessly without any difficulty such as engaged telephones, restricted working hours, manual errors, etc.

The IVRS numbers are as follows:

States / Areas Phone Number
Andhra Pradesh & Telangana 96660 23456
Bihar & Jharkhand 95071 23456
Delhi & NCR 99909 23456
Gujarat 98244 23456
Kerala 99610 23456
Karnataka 99640 23456
Maharashtra & Goa 88888 23456
Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh 96690 23456
Odisha 90909 23456
Punjab 98556 23456
Rajasthan 78910 23456
Tamil Nadu 90922 23456
Puducherry 90922 23456
Uttar Pradesh 98896 23456
West Bengal 90888 23456

Procedure for HP LPG Gas Cylinder 24×7 IVRS-Mobile-Phone booking

When you dial the number as per your state, it will ask you to press 1, 2 or 3 buttons for Telugu, English or Hindi language selection.

The interactive voice system for HP Gas cylinder booking asks to Enter the gas agency phone number without STD code.

Now the system will ask you to enter the customer number.

Now check the number and confirm by pressing 1 button or press 2 to reenter.

After the number is confirmed, the interactive system informs that the gas refill booking is allowed and an SMS will be sent to the phone number with waiting number and delivery date details.

The customers can register their landline / mobile numbers as personal numbers on IVRS to facilitate auto-identification of the customer when he/she calls up next time. HP Anytime also sends 3 SMS alerts to customers on the status of refill supplies:

Refill booking number and date of pending orders

Cash memo number & date

Delivery confirmation of refills.

For More Details Visit -> Hindustan Petroleum(HP)

In case of HP LPG Gas Cylinder leakage during nights/holidays, where do we contact?
In case of Gas leakage beyond working hours and on holidays, you can contact Emergency Service Cell (ESC) operating in your area, Phone Nos. of the ESC is mentioned on the refill cash memos.