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Hyderabad Is The Third Biggest Corrupt-Bribed City


Hyderabad Is The Third Biggest Corrupt-Bribed City
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Hyderabad which has emerged as a fast growing city in south India has earned the dubious distinction of ranking third among the most bribed cities local administration including police, municipality etc in the country.

An online survey,conducted by a web portal from January 2013 till date, showed that the Nizams city stood third in terms of the extent of daily bribes that are accepted by the officials for rendering citizens services . ‘ Bribes are part of normal procedure for assessment of property tax, passport verification and even water connections etc.

According to the portal ww.ipaidabribe. com the IT capital Bangalore topped the list followed by Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, New Delhi, Pune and surprisingly Kolkata was the lowest . The website, said Rs.59 crore bribes were paid by citizens to Govt officials daily of which Rs.3 crore paid by citizens of Hyderabad for basic civic services including passport etc