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Is Andhra Pradesh heading towards president rule?

Andhra Pradesh-Telangana

Is Andhra pradesh heading towards president rule?
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Is Andhra Pradesh, which is plagued by a political and constitutional crisis besides the day to day administration coming to a virtual standstill on the issue of bifurcation of the state, heading towards President’s Rule ?.
This question gaining momentum with each passing day ever since the Congress Working Committee, the highest decision making body of the party, has announced its decision on July 30 to bifurcate the state for paving way to carve out a separate Telangana State.

While the announcement brought cheers among the people in the Telangana region, it created anger and anguish among the people in Rayalaseema and Coastal Andhra regions. It triggered off an unprecedented agitation in the Seemandhra region from every walk of life taking to streets. Government employees, students including children, advocates, doctors, business community have been demonstrating on the streets demanding to keep the state united.

Bandhs, rallies, rasta rokos, rail rokos, boycott of duties by all sections and buses and other transport services crippled for the past over two weeks has brought normal life to a standstill and paralyzed the administration in all the 13 districts of the Seemandra region.

What is more the Kiran Kumar Reddy ministry is vertically divided with the ministers belonging to Telangana and Seemandhra regions crossing swords in support and against bifurcation of the state respectively. With the ministers from both the regions engaged in shuttling between New Delhi and Hyderabad to espouse their respective causes with the central party leaders and the employees from the Seemandhra region on a strike, work in the Secretariat has come to a complete standstill.
As the protests and agitations in the Seemandhra region escalated with each passing day and the war of words between leaders from both the regions has only helped create a wider wedge and animosity among the people leading to even law and order problems. The attack on Rajya Sabha member V, Hanumantha Rao while returning from Tirumala Hills the other day is a pointer the movement taking a deadly and violent turn.

Thus with the people from both regions sticking to their guns, the government staff in Seemandhra region preparing for a long drawn battle on the streets while their counter parts in Telangana also planning to revive their agitation, the state is virtually perched on a powder keg and ready to explode as a solution to resolve the crisis is continuing to hang fire. Political analysts feel that with the threat of the situation going out of control looming large, there was no other option but to bring the state under President’s Rule and keep the state under animated suspension.