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Laser Treatment Gone Wrong, Doctors Arrested

Laser Hair Removal Treatment
Laser Treatment Gone Wrong, Doctors Arrested
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Two doctors of Reshape Non-Surgical Cosmetics Clinic were arrested for spoiling a woman’s face after laser treatment to remove hair failed miserably.

With laser treatment going horribly wrong, a 25-year-old NRI woman was left with scars, severe burns and dark patches on her face.

The woman lodged a complaint and the two doctors who subjected her to laser treatment are now cooling their heels behind the bars.

Chandana, an NRI who came to visit her parents in Hyderabad’s Ayyappa Society, had gone to Reshape Non-Surgical Cosmetics Clinic near Hitec City for hair removal.

She went to Reshape Non Surgical Cosmetics Clinic near HiTec city on June 18 for laser hair remover treatment. However, after the treatment, her skin turned crimson red and soon there were blisters on her skin. The treatment left deep scars on her face.

Then she went to Apollo Hospital in Jubilee Hills, where her condition deteriorated.

Both the doctors who treated her, Kiran Kumar and Konda Reddy, have since been arrested.

Chandana claimed that the police had registered a case only two days after she had lodged a complaint.