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Manchu Manoj Condemns Satire On Jr.NTR


Manchu Manoj Condemns Satire On Jr.NTR
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Is Manchu Vishnu has over confidence or the director Veeru Potla over confidence to Satire On Young tiger NTR. The dialogue uttered by manchu vishnu in Doosukeltha looks like he is commenting-giving Satire to Young tiger NTR.

Manchu Vishnu utters a dialogue in Doosukeltha movie, “Nannu Kottadaniki Nuvvu Guddalu Oodadeesukovadam Endukannay…” (Means, why do you need to remove clothes to beat me.)

where as Young tiger NTR dialogue in Ramayya Vastavayya movie is “Evadu Padithe Vadu Buddodu Buddodu Ante Guddaloodadeesi Kodatha” (Means, I will beat whoever call me small boy by removing their clothes)

this raised few eye brows as it was directly targeted young tiger NTR.Young tiger fans burned with the unexpected act from Vishnu and targeted the hero in social networking sites. Many went on saying that Vishnu using the fame of young tiger NTR to get attention towards his movie.

They also explained how Mohanbabu used Senior NTR and Balakrishna for earning fame in earlier days and now his son manchu vishu who has more flops than hits in his career is trying to use Young tiger NTR.

As Situation is going worse and for controlling the damage, Vishnu younger brother Manoj came to picture to cool NTR fans.

Manoj tweeted to one of NTR’s fans, “Ntr is our own brother and we would never think of countering him both movies was shot at the same tym, we love Tarak”