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Mantra-Remedies-Daan-Puja For Ketu Graham-Ketu Planet

Mantra-Remedies-Daan-Puja For Ketu Graham-Ketu Planet
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About Ketu Graham-Ketu Planet
According to Hindu mythology, Ketu is the rest of the body of Rahu. Ketu represents the tail of demon(like Rahu represents the head).

In our birth chart Ketu signifies Spirituality, secrecy, maternal grandparents, enlightenment and apparent obstacles on the way to enlightenment, complete knowledge, indolence, seclusion, eccentricity, renunciation, asceticism, mysticism, esoteric knowledge, psychic abilities, abstraction, sublimation, transformation, separation, dividedness, kundalini, uncontrollable mass of energy, electricity, brightness, flame, lamp, television, apparition, witchcraft, intrigues, suspicion, corruption, scandals etc…

When afflicted it signifies worries, suspicious nature of mind, hidden difficulties, unforeseen circumstances, impediments, insanity, amputation. This chaya graha signifies illusions, drishti dosha, loss of confidence, inferiority complex, lonelyness etc. It also signifies health problems like allergies, Mental tensions etc….

Mantra And Remedies For Ketu Graha-Ketu Planet : Remedies Means worshiping Lord Ketu with Mantra For Ketu related troubles and during the dasa or antardasa of Ketu

1) Worship the ruling deity Lord Ganesha

2) Recite Ganesha Dwadasanama Stotram

3) Ketu Graham-Ketu Planet Mantram-Mantras:
Gayatri Mantram for Ketu:
“Om dhumra varnaya Vidmahe kapota vahanaya dheemahi, tannah ketuh prachodayaat”
Total count of mantra will be 7000 times and you can complete it maximum of 11 days.

Ketu Moola Mantram:
“Om shram shreem shroum sah ketave namah”
Total count of mantra will be 7000 times and you can complete it in 40 days.

Ketu Stotram:
“Palasha pushpa sankaasham taraka graha mastakam
Roudram roudratmakam ghoram tam ketum Pranamamyaham”

4) Charity-Donation-Daan For Ketu Graha-Ketu Planet:
Donate Blanket, gold, iron, black flower, black til, seven types of dhanya, he- goat, oil, urad, education to poor, black cow, black mustard seeds.

5) Best Day Day to do Daan-Donation For Ketu Graha-Ketu Planet:
Thursday or Guruvaar

6) Time to do Daan-Donation for Ketu Graha-Ketu Planet:

7) Fasting day: Thursdays

8) Pooja: Ganesh pooja

9) Rudraksha To Wear: 9 mukhi Rudraksha

10) More Mantras for Ketu Graham-Ketu Planet:
Ketu Vedic Mantram:
“Om Ketum Krunvanna pesomurya apesase Samushadbhi rajayadha”

Ketu Tantrik Mantram:

Note:This is for your information only, please contact your near spiritualist or temple pujari to get clear details.