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Mantra-Remedies-Daan-Puja For Shukra Graham-Venus Planet

Mantra-Remedies-Daan-Puja For Shukra Graham-Venus Planet
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About Shukra Graham-Venus Planet
Lord Shukra is also known as Shukracharya. Sukra is described variously mounted on a camel, horse or crocodile. He holds a stick, beads and a lotus and sometimes a bow and arrow.

In our birth chart Venus signifies Love, beauty, harmony, spouse, lover, romance, marriage, partnership, refinement, style, elegance, charm, peace, joy, happiness, delight, fortune, good luck, virtue, amiability, purity, sincerity, honesty, gentleness, affection, kindness, sensitivity, female qualities, womanliness, curly hair, attraction, luster, splendor, vanity, glamour etc…

lack of affection, little appreciation of beauty, ill-reputation, scandal, loss of conveyances and luxury items. Problems related to marriage, financial losses, lack of luxuries, love failures, problems to genetical organs etc.. are the significations of malefic Venus

Mantra And Remedies For Shukra Graha-Venus Planet : Remedies Means worshiping Lord Venus with Mantra For Shukra or Venus related troubles and during the dasa or antardasa of Venus

1) Worship the ruling deity Durga Devi

2) Recite Shree Sooktam or Devi stuti or Durga chalisa

3) Shukra Graham-Venus Planet Mantram-Mantras:
Gayatri Mantram for Venus-Shukra:
“Om bhrugu putraaya Vidmahe Sweta vahanaya dheemahi, tannah Sukrah prachodayaat”
Total count of mantra will be 20000 times and you can complete it maximum of 11 days.

Venus-Shukra Moola Mantram:
“Om dram dreem droum sah shukraya namah”
Total count of mantra will be 20000 times and you can complete it in 40 days.

Venus-Shukra Stotram:
“Hima kunda mrinalaabham daityanam paramam gurum
Sarv shastra pravaktaram bhargavem pranamamyaham”

4) Charity-Donation-Daan For Shukra Graha-Venus Planet:
Donate White rice, white clothes, white sandalwood, white flower, Sugar, Silver, ghee, curd, gold, white horse, scent or itra, land, education to poor, cow, clothes to a lady.

5) Best Day Day to do Daan-Donation For Shukra Graha-Venus Planet:
Friday or Shukravaar

6) Time to do Daan-Donation for Shukra Graha-Venus Planet:
during sun rise

7) Fasting day: Fridays

8) Pooja: Durga Devi pooja

9) Rudraksha To Wear: 6 mukhi Rudraksha

10) More Mantras for Shukra Graham-Venus Planet:
Shukra Vedic Mantram:
“Om Annatparisruto Rasambrahmavyapivvat Kshatrampayah Somamprajapatih
Ritensatyamindriyamvvipaanam Shukramandhasyaa Indrayendriyami Dampatyoamritammadhu Shukraya Namah”

Shukra Tantrik Mantram:
“Om Draam Dreem Draum Sah Shukraya Namah”

Note:This is for your information only, please contact your near spiritualist or temple pujari to get clear details.