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Nagarjuna’s Bhai Movie Story Leaked


Nagarjuna’s Bhai Movie Story Leaked
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Nagarjuna’s Bhai seems to be facing its own kind of leakage issues as well. From what we hear, a story that is being called as the story line of his movie Bhai is doing the rounds on the internet from the past few days. We don’t really know if this is true but here is how the Bhai story goes..,

A Dubai based don hires Vijay (Nagarjuna) who happens to be a professional killer, to kill a police officer by the name Shyam. Vijay reaches Hyderabad and changes his name to Bhai to complete this mission. He meets Richa at a wedding and falls in love. Bhai plans to kill Shyam in his wedding but realizes that they are actually brothers.So now, Vijay switches sides and begins protecting his brother instead of killing him. When Richa finds out about all of this begins a flashback episode in which how Vijay was kicked out of his own village and turned into a professional killer is revealed.And everything ends well in the ending with Vijay re uniting with his family again.

So sounds like the rumors about Nagarjuna playing a doting brother in Bhai are true, if this really is the story of Bhai, that is.