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Nayantara Is Not My Lover At All


Nayantara Is Not My Lover At All
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Natural beauty Nayanatara love failure brought no peace in her life. She started concentrating on movies once she had broke up the relationship with prabhu deva.It looks like affair rumours have not dried out completely in her life.

once again rumours on Nayanatara is on, this time with Nenu Devudni, Varudu, Kadhal Mannan Arya. It seems both Nayan and Arya have been spending a lot of time with each other and recently they were also spotted in a deep conversation.

Arya responding to rumours that there is ‘something something’ between him and Nayan says, Nayan is no lover of him. He says she is just his co star and good friend. Arya said he will marry any girl who passes his parents test.

Arya and Nayanatara are starring in Raja Rani and rumours erupted after wedding invitations featuring Arya and Nayan came out on the film’s audio release.