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Nitya Menon Is Very Special To Nitin

Tollywood-Telugu Actress Nitya Menon

Nitya Menon Is Very Special To Nitin
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Actress Nitya Menon and Nitin combination film Ishq gave a break to our telangana mega star for his continuous flops. Ishq created an chance for nitin to withstand in telugu film industry and there are gossips too that the film made a huge success due to Nitya Menon. Nitin started assuming as Nitya menon a lucky charm for him, after ishq this pair acted in gunde jari gallantainde which is successful too.

There are rumors that Nitin suggested to take Nitya menon in his new project Heart attack which is being directed by Puri Jagannath. director refused to take Nitya menon and finalised adah sharma in his project. buzz is that Nitin creating headache to Puri Jagannath for taking Nitya menon in a small role in Heart attack, Puri Jagannath created a role for Nitya menon.

we have to see whether Nitya Menon is a luckcharm to our Telangana mega star Nitin or not after Heart attack release.