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Overconfidence In Her Bring Downfall?

Hot Hip beauty Ileana

Overconfidence In Her Bring Downfall?
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Hip beauty Ileana D’Cruz has totally changed her attitude towards the Telugu Film Industry now, This actress gained all fame through movies like Pokiri, Jalsa, devadasu, Kick in Telugu.

During one of her interviews, Ileana reportedly blasted Tollywood stating heroines are not treated properly, environment is not at all good and she didn’t do even one film with her heart. These statements are enough to ensure none of the Tollywood folks will call her or give chance to her in telugu movies.

Her entry into bollywood with her first film ‘Barfi’ got recognition which made her headstrong and change in her attitude. She might have forgot that one flop will make her career downfall, Currently this seems to be the case with Ileana in Bollywood. Her latest release ‘Phata Poster Nikhla Hero’ turned out to be a disaster.

Not only that, Ileana got slammed mercilessly by the audience and critics. Apparently, many admonished her for her starved look and said she looks malnourished. That way, whatever name and recognition she got through her first film ‘Barfi’ got damaged heavily with this film.

However, it looks like Ileana is not keen to return to Tollywood with her controversial statements. if Ileana gets another flop in Hindi then she has no choice but to look at Hollywood