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Police Praise Ajay Devgan for His Self-Discipline

Bollywood-Hindi Actor Ajay Devgan

Police praise Ajay Devgan for his self-discipline
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On August 15, Ajay Devgan was driving back from his shooting when the traffic police stopped his car for having tinted glasses.

Since he is a celebrity, the cops were sensitive enough to ask Ajay to stay in the car while they took the licence of his driver.

As we all know, Ajay has not only played an exemplary police officer in Singham, he has also represented the cops well through many of his other films and has an emotional connect with the men in khaki. So he preferred to get out of the vehicle and chat with the cops.

The actor also removed the tinted glass and sent his car to the cops for verification the very next morning.

His action made the police appreciative of the fact that he, as a celebrity, did not even once try to use his star status to influence them and instead he was happy to abide by the law.

Well done, Ajay!