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Ravi Teja Power Telugu Movie Review-Rating

Power Telugu Movie
Ravi Teja Power Telugu Movie Review-Rating
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Cast : Ravi Teja, Hansika, Regina Cassandra etc.,
Director : K. S. Ravindra
Producer : Rockline Venkatesh
Music By : Thaman, Thaman SS

Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja is back after the success of ‘Balupu’ with the movie ‘Power’. The film is releasing today in a massive way across many centres and with good expectations. ‘Power’ has been directed by Bobby and Rockline Venkatesh is the producer. The movie has Hansika and Regina in the lead roles. Can Ravi Teja live up to the expectations and deliver with ‘Power’ ? Let us see.

Power Telugu Movie Story :
Baldev Saha (Ravi Teja) is a very corrupt but daring and dashing police officer. He loses his life in one attempt to rescue a dreaded gangster named Ganguly (Sampath ). This leads to confusion and chaos in the Kolkata political and mafia circles. The Home Minister of West Bengal (Mukesh Rishi) is desperate to find the whereabouts of Ganguly.

In the meantime, Tirupathi (Ravi Teja) surfaces in the town of Hyderabad and he is shown as the brother in law of a police inspector named Animuthyam (Brahmanandam). Tirupathi’s sole aim in life is to become a cop and he tries every trick in the book to become one.

Mukesh Rishi’s eyes fall on Tirupathi and he convinces the youngster to step into the shoes of Baldev Saha. Tirupathi is delighted to oblige and he finally hunts down Ganguly and hands him over to the Home Minister.

This is when the real twist is revealed and a mystery behind the death of Baldev Saha is cleared. Who is Tirupathi? What happened to Baldev Saha? Why is the Home Minister so desperate to get Ganguly?
That is the story of ‘Power’.

Plus Points in Power Telugu Movie:
Ravi Teja is very handsome looking in the film, especially in the role of Baldev Saha. He looks macho and his power packed performance is a major saving grace for the film. In the role of Tirupathi, he is pretty good.

Hansika and Regina do not have any importance in the story but they look good and bring much needed glamour into the movie.

The first half of the film is pretty entertaining with some good comedy involving Brahmanandam, Sapthagiri and Ravi Teja. Hansika too joins in. The interval episode is neatly executed, with a nice twist.

Minus Points in Power Telugu Movie :
The story of this movie is very routine and the second half is quite old in terms of treatment and scenes. Most of the scenes are a mixture of ‘Balupu’, ‘Vikramarkudu’ and even ‘Daruvu’.

After the good first half, the director lost focus in the second half and the climax episode is very bad. It resembles the climax of ‘Balupu’, with a parody song also coming in at the end. Speaking of songs, none of them are good and they disturb the flow of story.

Though Ravi Teja looks deadly as a powerful cop, the director could not effectively handle his character. As a result, there is unnecessary confusion and lack of gripping emotions in the film.

Technical Aspects in Power Telugu Movie :
Cinematography is good . Thaman’s background music is decent but he needs to develop some fresh tunes or risk becoming monotonous. Bobby makes an ok impression as a director but he needs to ensure that the graph of the film never goes down. He could not handle the pace in the second half.
Dialogues are ok.