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Rudraksha Bead Based On Nakshatra-Star


Rudraksha Bead Based On Nakshatra-Star
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Wearing Rudraksha by any one will provide so many benefits to the wearer. It is also proved that there are no side effects or negative effects to the wearer. So, any one can wear Rudraksha. Even also Rudraksha can be worn with any combination.

Many Astrologers have also worked on Rudraksha. They suggest ‘Mukhi’ based on Nakshatra. It is believed that any one could wear Rudraksha as per their needs / desires which they want to fulfill.

Some astrologers suggest wearing Rudraksha according to Nakshatra as under

S.No. Birth Nakshatra Ruling Planet Recommended Rudraksha
1. Kritika Sun One/Twelve/Eleven Mukhi
2. Uttaraphalguni Sun One/Twelve/Eleven Mukhi
3. Uttarashadha Sun One/Twelve/Eleven Mukhi
4. Rohini Moon Two Mukhi
5. Hasta Moon Two Mukhi
6. Shravana Moon Two Mukhi
7. Mrigashira Mars Three Mukhi
8. Chitra Mars Three Mukhi
9. Dhanishtha Mars Three Mukhi
10. Ashlesha Mercury Four Mukhi
11. Jyestha Mercury Four Mukhi
12. Revati Mercury Four Mukhi
13. Punarvasu Jupiter Five Mukhi
14. Vishakha Jupiter Five Mukhi
15. Purvabhadrapada Jupiter Five Mukhi
16. Bharani Venus Six Mukhi
17. Purvaphalguni Venus Six Mukhi
18. Purvashadha Venus Six Mukhi
19. Pushya Saturn Seven/Fourteen Mukhi
20. Anuradha Saturn Seven/Fourteen Mukhi
21. Uttarabhadrapada Saturn Seven/Fourteen Mukhi
22. Ardra Rahu Eight Mukhi
23. Swati Rahu Eight Mukhi
24. Shatabhisha Rahu Eight Mukhi
25. Ashvini Ketu Nine Mukhi
26. Magha Ketu Nine Mukhi
27. Mula Ketu Nine Mukhi