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Rudraksha Bead Based On Sun-Sign – Leo

Leo Astrology-Zodiac Sign
Rudraksha Bead Based On Sun-Sign – Leo
Rudraksha For Leo Sun Sign, Rudraksha For Simha Rashi

Look for the royal label on everything Leos do and say. For they are truly the Kings of the zodiac. Nothing modest about Leo. If you do not complement them, they will tell you what you should complement them on. Very proud and self-confident. They will not even start a project unless they think they will come out on top when it is finished. Generous, affectionate, charismatic and often theatrical in their behavior. Do not hurt their pride or they will argue with you until you give them something they can walk away with that boosts their egos. Give them the sunshine to make them the happiest. If you come home and all the lights are on, you know you have a Leo in the house. Give them mirrors and a Kingly chair and they will be content. Like the heart they are ruled by, they are generous often to a fault.

Rudraksha recommendation for Leo Sun-Sign:

Three Mukhi Rudraksha – 3 Mukhi Rudraksha – 3 faced Rudraksha

Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha – 12 Mukhi Rudraksha – 12 faced Rudraksha