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Shiva Tandava-Jatatabi Galajjala Stotram-Prayer-Mantram

God shiva
Shiva Tandava-Jatatabi Galajjala Stotram-Prayer-Mantram
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Shiva Tandava-Jatatabi Galajjala Stotram-Prayer-Mantram And Its Meaning:

Gale-[A]valambya Lambitaam Bhujangga-Tungga-Maalikaam |
Cakaara Canndda-Taannddavam Tanotu Nah Shivah Shivam ||1||

1.1: (There dances Shiva His Great Tandava) From His Huge Matted Hair like a Forest, is Pouring out and Flowing down the Sacred Water of the River Ganges, and making the Ground Holy; on that Holy Ground Shiva is dancing His Great Tandava Dance;
1.2: Supporting His Neck and Hanging down are the Lofty Serpents which are Adorning His Neck like Lofty Garlands,
1.3: His Damaru is continuously Weaving out the Sound – Damad, Damad, Damad, Damad – and filling the Air all around,
1.4: Shiva Performed such a Passionate Tandava; O my Lord Shiva, Please Extend the Auspicious Tandava Dance within our beings also.

Vilola-Viici-Vallarii-Viraajamaana-Muurdhani |
Kishora-Candra-Shekhare Ratih Pratikssannam Mama ||2||

2.1: (There dances Shiva His Great Tandava) His Huge Matted Hair like a Caldron is Revolving round and round; and Whirling with it is the Great River Goddess Ganga, …
2.2: and the Strands of His Matted Hair which are like Huge Creepers are Waving like Huge Waves; His Forehead is Brilliantly Effulgent and …
2.3: on the Surface of that Huge Forehead is Burning a Blazing Fire with the sound – Dhagad, Dhagad, Dhagad (referring to His Third Eye), …
2.4: and a Young Crescent Moon is Shining on the Peak (i.e. on His Head); O my Lord Shiva, Your Great Tandava Dance is passing a surge of Delight Every Moment through my being.

Sphurad-Diganta-Santati-Pramodamaana-Maanase |
Kvacid-Digambare Mano Vinodametu Vastuni ||3||

3.1: (There dances Shiva His Great Tandava) And Now He is accompanied by the Beautiful Divine Mother Who is the Supporter of the Earth and the Daughter of the Mountain King; She is ever His Companion in His various Divine Sports,
3.2: The Entire Horizon is Shaking with the force of that Tandava, and the subtle waves of the Tandava is entering the sphere of the Mind and raising waves of Excessive Joy,
3.3: That Shiva, the Flow of whose Graceful Side Glance can Restrain even the Unrestrainable Calamities, and …
3.4: … Who is Digambara (clothed with sky signifying He is ever-free and without any desire), Sometimes in His Mind Materializes the wish to Play the Divine Sports (and hence this Great Tandava).

Kadamba-Kungkuma-Drava-Pralipta-Digvadhuu-Mukhe |
Mano Vinodam-Adbhutam Bibhartu Bhuuta-Bhartari ||4||

4.1: (There dances Shiva His Great Tandava) The Creeper-like Serpents on His Neck are Throbbing with their Hoods Raised; With that Throb the Lustre of the Red Pearls on their Raised Hoods are …
4.2: … Collectively Smearing the Directions (i.e. the Sky) with the Liquid Saffron; the Sky is appearing like the Huge Face of a Bride (adorned with that Red Saffron),
4.3: His Upper Garment is Flying in the Breeze and Shaking like the Thick Skin of an Intoxicated Elephant,
4.4: My Mind is Experiencing an Extraordinary Thrill in this Divine Sport; it is being Carried away by the Sustainer of All Beings (referring to Shiva).

Prasuuna-Dhuuli-Dhorannii Bidhuusara-Angghri-Piittha-Bhuuh |
Bhujangga-Raaja-Maalayaa Nibaddha-Jaatta-Juuttaka
Shriyai Ciraaya Jaayataam Cakora-Bandhu-Shekharah ||5||

5.1: (There dances Shiva His Great Tandava) Sahasra Locana (literally means Thousand Eyes and refers to Indra Deva) and Others forming an Unending Line of Heads …
5.2: … are being Graced by the Incessant Dust Produced by the Dancing Feet, the Feet which has become Dust-Coloured by Dancing on the Great Earth,
5.3: His Matted Hair is Bound by the Garlands of the King of Serpents and …
5.4: … the Shining Moon on Top of His Head which is a Friend of the Cakara Birds (because Cakara birds drink moonlight) is radiating the Deep Beauty and Auspiciousness of Sri.

Nipiita-Pan.ca-Saayakam Naman-Nilimpa-Naayakam |
Sudhaa-Mayuukha-Lekhayaa Viraajamaana-Shekharam
Mahaa-Kapaali-Sampade-Shiro-Jattaalam-Astu Nah ||6||

6.1: (There dances Shiva His Great Tandava) On the Surface of His Forehead is Burning a Spark of Fire and Spreading its Lustre (referring to His Third Eye),…
6.2: … the Fire which Absorbed the Five Arrows (of Kama Deva) and made the Chief God of Kama Bow down,
6.3: On the Top of His Head is Shining the Nectar-Rayed-Stroke of the Crescent Moon,
6.4: May we also receive a part of the Wealth of the Great Kapali (i.e. Shiva) which is contained in His Matted Hair.

Dhanan.jaya-[A]ahutii-Krta-Pracanndda-Pan.ca-Saayake |
Prakalpanai-[E]ka-Shilpini Tri-Locane Ratir-Mama ||7||

7.1: (There dances Shiva His Great Tandava) The Terrible Surface of His Forehead is Burning with the Sound – Dhagad, Dhagad, Dhagad, Dhagad – burning the …
7.2: … Terrible Fire which Performed the Sacrifice of the Mighty possessor of the Five Arrows (i.e. Kama Deva),
7.3: The Footsteps of His Great Tandava Dance is Drawing Various Pictures on the Bosom of the Earth (signifying Creation); the Earth which is a part of the Daughter of the Mountain (i.e. Devi Parvati),
7.4: He is the One Artist Who Creates (accompanied by Shakti); My Mind is Extremely Delighted by this Tandava of the Three-Eyed Shiva.

Naviina-Megha-Mannddalii Niruddha-Durdhara-Sphurat_
Kuhuu-Nishiithinii-Tamah Prabandha-Baddha-Kandharah |
Nilimpa-Nirjharii-Dharas-Tanotu Krtti-Sindhurah
Kalaa-Nidhaana-Bandhurah Shriyam Jagad-Dhurandharah ||8||

8.1: (There dances Shiva His Great Tandava) The Throb of the Great Tandava has Restrained the Unrestrainable Orb of the New Clouds and …
8.2: … has Bound the Darkness of the Night of the New Moon around His Neck,
8.3: O the Bearer of the River Goddess Ganga, O the Wearer of the Elephant Hide, Please Extend the …
8.4: …Sri (the Auspiciousness and Great Welfare) associated with this Great Tandava; O the Container of the Curved Digit of the Moon, O the Bearer of the Universe, Please Extend the Sri associated with this Great Tandava.

[A]Valambi-Kannttha-Kandalii-Ruci-Prabaddha-Kandharam |
Smarac-Chidam Purac-Chidam Bhavac-Chidam Makhac-Chidam
Gajac-Chida-Andhakac-Chidam Tam-Antakac-Chidam Bhaje ||9||

9.1: (There dances Shiva His Great Tandava) The Black Lustre of the Universe (referring to the halahala poison drunk by Him during samudra manthana) is appearing like a Blooming Blue Lotus and …
9.2: … Resting within His Throat like a Girdle; which He Himself has Restrained by His own Will,
9.3: I Worship the Destroyer of Smara (i.e. Kama Deva), I Worship the Destroyer of Tripurasuras, I Worship the Destroyer of the Delusion of the Worldly Existence, I Worship the Destroyer of the Sacrifice (of Daksha), …
9.4: … I Worship the Destroyer of Gajasura, I Worship the Destroyer of Demon Andhaka and I also Worship the Restrainer of Yama; I Worship my Lord Shiva.

Rasa-Pravaaha-Maadhurii-Vijrmbhannaa-Madhu-Vratam |
Smara-Antakam Pura-Antakam Bhava-Antakam Makha-Antakam
Gaja-Antaka-Andhaka-Antakam Tam-Antaka-Antakam Bhaje ||10||

10.1: (There dances Shiva His Great Tandava) He is the Non-Diminishing Source of Auspiciousness for the Welfare of All, and the Source of all Arts which He Manifests like a Cluster of Blossoms,
10.2: From His Tandava Dance is Surging forth the Nectar of Sweetness in the form of Arts expressing His Sweet Will,
10.3: I Worship Him Who brought an End to Smara (i.e. Kama Deva), I Worship Him Who brought an End to the Tripurasuras, I Worship Him Who brings an End to the Delusion of Worldly Existence, I Worship Him Who brought an End to the Sacrifice (of Daksha), …
10.4: I Worship Him Who brought an End to Gajasura, I Worship Him Who brought an End to Demon Andhaka, and I also Worship Him Who Restrained Yama; I Worship my Lord Shiva.

Vinirgamat-Krama-Sphurat-Karaala-Bhaala-Havya-Vaatt |
Dhvani-Krama-Pravartita-Pracanndda-Taannddavah Shivah ||11||

11.1: (There dances Shiva His Great Tandava) His Eyebrows are Moving To and Fro Expressing His Complete Mastership over all the Worlds; and His Movements are Rolling the Serpents on His Neck who are Spewing out their Hot Breath (i.e. Hissing terribly),
11.2: The Terrible Third Eye on His Forehead which is like an altar for Oblation is Throbbing in Succession and Emitting Fire,
11.3: The Mridangam is Incessantly Sounding the Auspicious Beats of Dhimid, Dhimid, Dhimid, Dhimid and …
11.4: … with that Succession of Beats which are Rolling out, Shiva is Dancing His Passionate Tandava Dance.

Garissttha-Ratna-Losstthayoh Suhrd-Vipakssa-Pakssayoh |
Trnna-Aravinda-Cakssussoh Prajaa-Mahii-Mahendrayoh
Sama-Pravrttikah Kadaa Sadaashivam Bhajaamy-Aham ||12||

12.1: When will I feel the sameness in the Touch between a Variegated Comfortable Bed (and Hard Ground)? When will I feel the sameness in Value between the Garland made of Pearls of Serpents which is …
12.2: … a Highly Valued Gem (i.e. ornament) and a Lump of Clay? When will I feel the sameness in Relationship between a Friend and an Enemy?
12.3: When will I feel the sameness in Vision between a Grass-like Eye (representing ordinary look) and a Lotus-like Eye (representing beautiful look)? When will I feel the sameness in the soul of an ordinary Subject and the King of the World?
12.4: When will I Worship Sadashiva with the Equality of Vision and Conduct?

Kadaa Nilimpa-Nirjharii-Nikun.ja-Kottare Vasan
Vimukta-Durmatih Sadaa Shirastham-An.jalim Vahan |
Vimukta-Lola-Locano Lalaama-Bhaala-Lagnakah
Shiveti Mantram-Uccaran-Kadaa Sukhii Bhavaamy-Aham ||13||

13.1: When will I Dwell in a Cave within the Dense Woods by the side of the River Goddess Ganga and …
13.2: … being Free Forever from Sinful Mental Dispositions Worship Shiva Keeping my Hands on the Forehead?
13.3: When will I be Free from the Rolling of the Eyes (signifying lustful tendencies) and Worship Shiva applying the Sacred Mark on the Forehead?
13.4: When will I be Happy Uttering the Mantras of Shiva?

Idam Hi Nityam-Evam-Uktam-Uttamottamam Stavam
Patthan-Smaran-Bruvan-Naro Vishuddhime[-I]ti-Santatam |
Hare Gurau Subhaktim-Aashu Yaati Na-Anyathaa Gatim
Vimohanam Hi Dehinaam Su-Shangkarasya Cintanam ||14||

14.1: This Greatest of the Great Stava (Hymn) has been Uttered; those who Regularly …
14.2: … Recite it and Contemplate on Shiva with Purity of Mind and in an Uninterrupted manner and …
14.3: … with Great Devotion in Hara, the Guru, will Quickly Advance towards Him; there is No other Way or Refuge,
14.4: The Delusion of that Person will be Destroyed by Deep Contemplation (Meditation) on Shankara.

Puuja-Avasaana-Samaye Dasha-Vaktra-Giitam Yah
Shambhu-Puujana-Param Patthati Pradosse |
Tasya Sthiraam Ratha-Gaje[a-I]ndra-Turangga-Yuktaam
Lakssmiim Sadaiva Su-Mukhiim Pradadaati Shambhuh ||15||

15.1: During the Time of Completion of the Puja, those who Recite this Song of the Ten-Headed Ravana, …
15.2: … Recite this after Completing the Puja of Shambhu in the Evening,…
15.3: … To him who is Steadfast in this Worship; will come Chariots Yoked with King of Elephants and Horses (signifying Prosperity) …
15.4: … and Devi Lakshmi will Always show Her Graceful Face to him; Sri Shambhu will Bestow this Boon.