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Taxi Cab Driver kidnaps Woman IT Employee

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Taxi Cab Driver kidnaps Woman IT Employee
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A 26-year-old woman waiting for her software company car to pick her up was dragged into a call taxi by its driver and an accomplice near Velachery at 4.30am on Thursday and allegedly sexually assaulted.

About 45 minutes later, she called her father from her mobile phone and told him she was dropped near Madipakkam, 4km from her house.

The woman’s office in Porur informed police, but her father refused to file a complaint, as he was scared that a case would spoil her reputation and stall prospective marriage proposals. However, after much persuasion by police, he filed a police complaint on Friday.

Since the complaint did not allege sexual assault on the woman, the Velachery police have booked a case of kidnap and robbery.

Police sources said the woman used to take a company-provided call taxi which would pick her up from her house in Baby Nagar near Velachery. On Thursday, she was on an early morning shift. She was waiting for the call taxi, when another cab stopped by her and opened the door. “She said she was about to get into the car, thinking that it was sent by her office, but saw a man in the backseat and stopped. Before she could do anything, the two men pulled her into the car and sped away,” said a policeman.

Meanwhile, the driver of the office car, who was nearing the place, saw a woman being pulled into a car, but didn’t realise that it was the employee of the IT firm. He later told police that when he came to know from other employees that the woman had not turned up for work he recollected the early morning incident and told the woman’s colleagues about it. The software engineers informed their team leader who tried to reached the woman’s father, who had by then been told about the incident by the woman.

Police sources said they understood from the woman that the two men kept her captive for 45 minutes, driving around the neighbourhood before dropping her at Madipakkam. “We have reasons to believe that she was sexually assaulted, but since the complaint doesn’t mention that, we are not investigating that angle.” The woman was not sent for a medical examination.

A team led by Velachery police inspector M Sekar Babu is searching for the men.