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Top Channel to apologize Heroine


Top Channel to apologize to Heroine
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Broadcast Content Complainants Council (BCCC), the self regulatory body of entertainment channels, has directed STAR Vijay TV to apologize to actress Ranjitha for showing her in a bad light. The channel was asked to apologize to the actress by running a scroll featuring the apology for every two hours for one week starting from September 9th for telecasting its programme ‘Nadanthadhu Enna – Kutramum Pinnaniyum’ on March 21st, 2012.

The order: “In the Council’s opinion, the channel is guilty of violating the complainant’s privacy and dignity. So, it is consequently liable to apologize to the complainant Ranjitha Menon. This programme was found to be in violation of a self-regulatory guidelines of Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF). The channel has clearly undermined the basic rights of the complainant”.

Actually, Ranjitha has approached Karnataka High Court saying that the channel has telecasted certain clippings on the programme ‘Nadanthadhu Enna – Kutramum Pinnaniyum’, invading her privacy. As Star Vijay is an entertainment channel, High Court has forwarded the complaint to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting’s BCCC. Finally, the verdict has come in favor of the actress.