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Undralla Taddi Festival Story And Its Significance

Undralla Taddi-Festival-Nomu-Vratam
Undralla Taddi Festival Story And Its Significance
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Undralla Taddi or Vundralla thadiya or Undralla Nomu is a festival celebrated in South India, especially in Andhra Pradesh. Undralla Thaddi date is observed on the third day in Krishna Paksha, the second half, during Bhadrapada masam.

Undralla Taddi Nomu-Vratam Diety:
This festival is dedicated to Goddess Gowri-Gauri, who is considered as the favourite deity for married women. On Undralla Taddi, Telugu women observed Gowri-Gauri Vratam.

Undralla Taddi Nomu Story-Katha:
In olden days one king who had seven wifes though used to visit a prostitute named “Chitrangi”. King used to used to stay with Chitrangi and even spent a lot of time with her.

On Bhadrapada Bahula or Krishna paksha Tadiya Kings seven wifes observed Undralla Nomu, hearing about this prostitute Chitrangi asked the king ” O king you are married and thats why you perfomed Gauri Vratam through your wifes and i am prostitute thats why you ignored me. If you have the same love on me as you show on your wifes, arrange me all the pooja items required to do Gauri Vratam”

king arranges all the pooja items required to do Gauri Vratam to Chitrangi. On Bhadrapada Tadiya she woke up early hours(before Sun rise), took bath and started fasting until sunset. After sunset she prepared Undralla made of rice ravva, She offered 5 undrallu as naivedyam to goddess Gauri devi and offered other 5 undrallu to married lady and performed Gowri Pooja-Nomu with dedication and got blessings from gouri devi and all her sins erased and became punyastri.

Gauri Puja – Undralla Thaddi Gowri Vratham
Married women perform Gauri Puja on Undralla Taddi. A simple pooja procedure is followed for Gauri Puja during Vundralla Thadiya. Goddess Gauri idol made of turmeric is invoked in a sanctified place and offered puja. Ganapati Puja is performed first and then Gauri puja is done.

Gouri Pooja Procedure – How to do Undralla Taddi Gowri Pooja-Nomu
Gouri Pooja on Undralla Thadde involves very simple steps. Goddess Gauri idol (Gauramma) is invoked on a fresh cloth. Shuddodaka snanam – bath is offered with water to Gauramma. Panchamtria Snanam, bath with the combination of milk, yogurt, curd, honey and ghee is offered to Devi. After Panchamrutha snanam once again the bath with water is offered to Gouri.

Abhishekam with flowers is performed. Turmeric power, vermillion powder and akshinthalu are showered on Gauri. Women prayed to the Goddess and Aarti to the Goddess is performed. During the puja, simple puja stotras of Goddess Gowri are chanted. After the Aarti, naivedyam is offered to the Goddess.

On Undralla Taddhi, the most important recipe is Undrallu. Undrallu are small dough balls made of rice rava. Undrallu are favorite dish to Lord Ganapati. Along with Undrallu, several sweet recipes and fruits are also offered to the Goddess. After naivedyam, theertham and prasadam are distributed among the devotees.

Things not to forget while performing Undralla Taddi Gowri Pooja-Nomu:

Pasupu Ganapathi Puja.

Gauri Shodasopachara Puja. Offering is a part of Shodasopachara Puja. As a part of the offering 5 Undrallu are a must.

After the puja, Vayanam has to be given to 5 Married women. The vayanam consists of 5 Undrallu. Then if possible one can give dakshina(Tambulam) and blouse piece also, but this is not mandatory. Obviously take blessings of the Married woman. Vayanam has to be given, assuming that the women taking the Vayanam is Goddess Gauri herself.