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What Is Pushkaram-Pushkaralu And How Is It Celebrated



What Is Pushkaram-Pushkaralu And How Is It Celebrated
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Pushkaram-Pushkaralu is an Indian festival dedicated to rivers by worshiping them. It is celebrated at shrines along the banks of 12 major sacred rivers in India, in the form of ancestor worship, spiritual discourses, devotional music and cultural programmes. The devotees engage in activities such as snana (bath in the river), daana (charity), japa (recitation of mantras), archana and dhyana (meditation).

History Behind Pushkaram-Pushkaralu
As per the legend, Lord Shiva blessed a brahmin with a power to purify the holy rivers hence he was known as Pushkaram (the one who nourishes). While traveling from one zodiac sign to another, Jupiter(Bruhaspati) requested Pushkar to make the 12 sacred rivers holy. So he decided to enter one of the 12 sacred rivers when Jupiter(Bruhaspati) traveled from one zodiac sign to another.

Different Types Of Pushkar-Pushkaram In India:

Ganga Pushkaram-Pushkaralu

Narmada Pushkaram-Pushkaralu

Saraswati Pushkaram-Pushkaralu

Yamuna Pushkaram-Pushkaralu

Godavari Pushkaram-Pushkaralu

Krishna Pushkaram-Pushkaralu

Kaveri Pushkaram-Pushkaralu

Bhima Pushkaram-Pushkaralu

Tapti Pushkaram-Pushkaralu

Tungabhadra Pushkaram-Pushkaralu

Sindhu Pushkaram-Pushkaralu

Pranahita Pushkaram-Pushkaralu

What To Do In Pushkar-Pushkaram-Pushkaralu:

Taking a dip in the sacred river to erase all sins we did in our lives.

Praying and Satisfying pitru devatas by chanting their names and gotras.

Praying goddess gauri at holy riverside to please goddess gauri.

Pindapradanam is the most important program during pushkara period. People offer pindas-pindam to their nearest relatives and family members who are dead.