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Why Do I Need Health Insurance-Medical Insurance

Why Do I Need Health Insurance-Medical Insurance
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We know a saying that ‘Health Is Wealth’. People when healthy and people who rarely visit a doctor think whether they really need a health insurance and they doesn’t even pay attention on health insurance policies. To be outstanding in our professional life and to give the best to family members we mostly neglect our health may be you in younger or older.

Many people lives in high levels of stress, dosent get time to do physical activity and do not eat a balanced diet and depend on junk food, anxiety, air pollution, dust pollution, irregular diet, mobile addiction and late night parties has a great impact on health problems as no one knows when a medical emergency might strike, if you don’t have health insurance and something happens to you or your family an unexpected loss of income and debt tensions may raise as you know medical emergencies can bankrupt you if you do not have an Health Insurance-Medical Insurance.

Due to lifestyle changes most people likely to be obese, may suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes and chances of heart attacks, strokes earlier, medical emergencies strike without a warning and have a great impact on our finances, you should know that medical costs are rising year on year.

Below is an example to make you clear whether we really need a health insurance or not

There are two young friends named DEF and GHI, both lived in same location and both became family friends. DEF had Health Insurance and GHI didn’t show interest of taking medical insurance. Suddenly one day DEF was hospitalized due to illness, all his medical expenses were directly paid by his Insurance provider. after some days suddenly GHI was also hospitalized due to illness but he has to pay all the expenses from his pocket as he dosent have any health insurance.

Act quickly and take a medical insurance, when you are younger the Medical Insurance premium will be low, as you grow older premiums will be high. pre-existing diseases will also increase your Medical Insurance premium. Some insurance companies keep time limit for pre-existing diseases.